This article is about Benne and Sheats’ Group Roles, a study on the roles played by different team members and how it is related to team management. It is a. Two leading theorists on group behavior, Kenneth Benne and Paul Sheats developed the following typology to describe group roles by dividing. folklore as well as in personality structure are illustrated. Over 50 years ago, Benne and Sheats () identified 27 functional roles in small-group settings.

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By using the definitions given and evaluating the current function and needs of the group, you can plan to encourage the sorts of behaviors you need and discourage those that you don’t. One such role is that of the Information Seeker.

Educational Theory in role Fifties. A good solution would be to select the material and present it in line with the level of sophistication and commitment of the group. They represent the different roles needed to take a project step-by-step from initial conception through to action.

Their work influenced other early research and thinking on group goles. For example, if two others are disagreeing about something, the Self-confessor may say, “You guys fight just like me and my wife. How to collaborate and balance the roles of leaders and members within a group. Gather payments from your customers for your products with PayPal payments and via any major Credit or Debit card.


Welcome to the Club where you will find many resources that are of great interest and benefit to you professionally and personally. Groups need to be able to adapt to the changes from outside and within the group itself. Recorder — Acts as the secretary or minute-keeper.

Group Roles: Benne and Sheats | KOKM Demo

Opinion Seeker — Asks for clarification of the values, attitudes, and opinions of group members. Groups are most successful when the individuals within them feel empowered to speak up and express their ideas, so an Opinion Giver can be a valuable asset.

Each takes a slightly different perspective. Journal of Social Issues, 4 2pp. May pull together a few different ideas and make them cohesive.

Benne and Sheats’ Group Roles

Aggressor — Makes personal attacks using belittling and insulting comments, for example, rolles the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever grouo. Checks to make sure different perspectives are given. Sometimes pulls crazy stunts to attract attention like acting sgeats, making excess noise, or otherwise directing members away from the task at hand. Dysfunctional Roles A team is worse off for having any of these roles be filled by one or more of its team members.

Gain knowledge about proper leadership role and other membership role within the group. In it, they defined 26 different group roles that can be played by one or more people within a group. Many groups are undone by the fact that everyone wants to be in charge, so having a few Followers on the team is a necessary ingredient.

That said, just knowing about Benne and Sheats’ Team Roles can bring more harmony to your team, as it helps members appreciate the breadth of roles that can contribute to the work of a team and its social harmony, as well as the behaviors which will obstruct it’s path. Seeks expert information or facts relevant to the problem. With the focus on preference, I can see how the results might be more “real” since we are probably more aware of what we prefer than who we really are!


However, we can use the theory to look at and improve group effectiveness and harmony, by asking what roles are being filled, which additional ones might be required, and which may need to be eliminated. Staying motivated and focused on the goal is a big part of success in business, so this person can be indispensable on a group project.

Provides a summary of what has been accomplished, notes where the group has veered off course, and suggests how to get back on target. Do you have few more models on the same?

Group Roles: Benne and Sheats

What roles did you most assume throughout the game? The way that people behave in teams varies.

Annotation of Group Behaviour: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.