Editorial Reviews. Review. FREE! Meet the Baumgartners BRUM9G The Baumgartners Plus One – Kindle edition by Selena Kitt. The Baumgartners Plus One [Selena Kitt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and award-winning author . The Baumgartners Plus One. Selena Kitt. Prologue. I met the Baumgartners because, as my mother was too fond of saying, “Danielle is nosier than a cat in a .

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I became a nanny because I hated school, anything involving retail, and working in fast food. Being a nanny required that I know how to cook and how to do CPR. Basically, I needed to know how to keep kids alive. Thank God I found the Baumgartners.

Or they found me. I was crazy about the Baumgartners. They were my favorite people in the world. Henry, almost ten, was always doing something to annoy his older sister. There was no point yelling for Henry.

I ran through the house, stopping every few moments when it rang again, trying to baimgartners the sound. I finally found it buried between the couch cushions, where I also found a wad of yellow Silly Putty with a penny stuck into it.


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As long as homework was done and no one was on fire, life was good. B vacillated between wanting to feed them healthy things like celery and peanut butter and then gave up and ordered pizza. I was just the nanny, not the Miracle Worker. You can do your homework, eat peanut butter and jelly onne dinner and go to bed by eight.

The Baumgartners Plus One: Serial Book 1

I turned around and leaned against the sink, arms crossed over my baumgatrners, and looked between the two of them. I was the nanny. Then he was out the door to find his iPod. Janie thanked me and went to her room to try to brush out the stickiness while I sat at the kitchen table, eating the untouched ants on a log while I ordered a pizza. Fill a hot water bottle. We were best friends and even better lovers.

And that, well-it had just kind of happened. I liked men too much for that.

The way Ronnie and I had come together was kind of just meant to be. At first, it was just incredible sex and a lot of fun. Now, it was easy, comfortable, and I loved her dearly.

The pizza came and I paid for it, setting us up in the family room in front of the giant inch screen TV with Surround Sound. Janie was freshly scrubbed in PJs when she came down the stairs. Henry, however, was dirtier than ever plys playing out in the treehouse. I made him wash his hands before sitting down at the coffee table to eat. We just sat on the floor and ate out of the box.


Читать онлайн “Crazy About the Baumgartners” автора Kitt Selena – RuLit – Страница 1

The kids were involved in the movie and after I ate a piece or two of pizza, I curled up on the couch. I decided to stop on my way home to pick up some Midol and chocolate. That would brighten her spirits. Sometimes I thought a monkey could do my job. Not that I advertised that fact during interviews.

Although they had their moments. It will get cold and you can chip most of it out. Then I called Ronnie to tell her I was going to be late.