Operating manual for remote control unit VR 90 _ 2. 1 Notes on the of the auroMATIC and VRC modular bus con-. Installation instructions Mixer module VR 60 _ 2. Contents. 1. Notes on the documentation. . of the auroMATIC or VRC controllers and. Find great deals for Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC / VRS /3 . Shop with Picture 1 of 4; Picture 2 of 4; Picture 3 of 4; Picture 4 of 4.

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Installing a weather-controlled compensator Weather compensators regulate the heating supply temperature according to the outside temperature. Material damage caused by freezing! Energy saving function Allows the target room temperature to be reduced for a set period Frost protection function Protection from frost damage in the Off and Eco modes outside auormatic time windows ; The boiler must remain switched on Heating curve The basis of weather compensation; improves the matching of the heating output to the outside temperatures Holiday programme Individual control of auromaticc room temperature during your absence; only in the Auto and Eco operating modes If the holiday programme is activated, the cylinder charging is deactivated, the control system zuromatic the solar circuit is unaffected by the holiday programme.

This results in the effective storage of solar energy.

Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC 620 / VRS 620/3

Selecting and testing probes and valves When the function is started, the current time of the start is saved. In maximum output mode the controller automatically starts up the connected heating circuits. Configuring the solar pumps You configure the solar pumps in this menu.


Acts only on the heating and hot water circuits for which the operating mode Auto or ECO is set. Your expert technician auuromatic set the anti-Legionella function when installing the controller.

For solar-assisted heating, the heat is stored in a buffer cylinder, e. The beginning of heating is established, depending on the outside temperature.

Vaillant Solar System Regulator auroMATIC / VRS /3 | eBay

The target auromayic temperature might not be reached. Operating mode Auto Energy saving function Allows the target room temperature to be reduced for a set period. The new access code will be saved. It is possible that it is not in operation. To adapt the control system to the conditions on site, you must perform the electrical installation according to the components required in the system.

When the last heating circuit starts to heat again change from Audomatic saving to Heatingthe Override function is automatically ended and the controller reverts to the basic display.

Consequently, the room can not be heated satisfactorily and an uncomfortable feeling of coolness prevails the same effect is produced when doors between heated or unheated or slightly heated rooms remain open. The lower the target temperature is, the less the boiler has to reheat. No charging of the DHW cylinder takes place. A time window from, e. HK1 Timer programmes MonFri 1 The system owner will be granted a warranty in accordance with the Vaillant terms and conditions.

The End time is marked. The controller is equipped with aurmoatic graphic display. The solar gain is limited by the maximum cylinder temperature and the solar circuit protection function, which is intended to prevent overheating of the solar cylinder or the solar circuit.


This standard code is displayed in Menu 8 and is also accessible to the owner. The pump unit control system charges the cylinder so that there is the lowest possible temperature differential between flow and return. The first character of the name is marked. The VR 10 standard sensor is so designed that it can be used as an immersion sensor, e.

Boiler fault The boiler is reporting a malfunction via the eBUS. The menu name and the menu number suromatic and a number at top right are shown in the upper area. Installing and setting the controller The installation, commissioning and repair of the controller may only be carried out by an accredited specialist company. However additional heating circuits can be connected, e. Up to six mixer modules to extend the system by 12 system circuits pre-set as mixing circuits. If too much insulation is removed there will be a risk of short circuits to the circuit board if the cables have not been attached properly to the plug.

Collector array In solar thermal installations, the collector array consists of individual collectors which are mounted on the roof or on the facade.