AudioQuest cables and other audio products combine solid conductors, high- purity metals, specialized geometries, and stable dielectrics to enable naturally. March AudioQuest Sky Interconnects and Volcano Speaker Cables. by Marc Mickelson. “Sky [is] a reference-level interconnect, one of the very best on the. Enjoy the experience of 4K content with help from this AudioQuest Sky HDMI cable. The 4-foot length lets you connect components without leaving extra.

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Baker’s trumpet didn’t blat and sounded a bit wooly, but these characteristics were part of its sound, and the AudioQuest cables, especially Sky, let it skt unhindered.

I began my listening with Volcano and a full set of Cardas Golden Reference interconnects, which I had been using and enjoying for some time. The smoothness, air and quietude these cables bring to music are very convincing and, moreover, seductive. It sounded just a touch sweet when audioquedt to the bulk of speaker cables I’ve heard, some of which sound more whitish and others more coppery.

The DBS consists of an insulated anode and audiquest cathode inside each cable run that are connected to a pair of 36V battery packs affixed to the cable’s downstream end. Five years parts and labor.

SoundStage! Equipment Review – AudioQuest Sky Interconnects and Volcano Speaker Cables (3/)

Think of it a bit like when you have iron filings and a magnet. Here, again, the space between the two musicians became an important element in the recording’s charm, ssky the texture of both instruments stole the show.

Normally when I review interconnects and speaker cables, I use the two together as a system exclusively. There was extreme air and extreme smoothness coupled with a more absolute sense of background silence — a combination that made it easier to hear deeply into recordings and never feel as though some ugly byproduct was lurking around the corner.


I’m not similarly in awe of Volcano speaker cables on their own, but I can certainly recommend them, especially with Sky interconnects, in which case the end product is definitely greater than the mere sum of its parts. It was as though there were skt sonic pixels and they were nudged closer together, presenting a soundscape that was sharp, rich and vibrant all at the same time.

But both cable sets are the sort of products I wish I didn’t have to review so I audiouest maximize my time simply listening to music with them.


It seemed apparent from the outset that AudioQuest’s claim that its DBS kept the cables in a ready-to-use state was the truth. An improved version of Type 4 speaker cable, for instance, is still in AudioQuest’s product lineup nearly 15 years after it was first introduced.

A small button and LED on each allows testing of the batteries, which AudioQuest claims will last for years, presumably because they are connected to nothing — no component other than the test LED — that presents a load. Value “AudioQuest Sky and Volcano are a sonic accomplishment, and even at their prices represent good value given their competition.

Home Audio Equipment Review. And then there are AudioQuest’s latest interconnects and speaker cables, which use the company’s Dielectric-Bias System DBS and thereby carry the banner of specialization auduoquest a very obvious manner. The 16 copper conductors are of four different sizes so that any sonic character from one size is offset by the others, a feature AudioQuest calls Spread Spectrum Technology. All in all, Sky and Volcano appear to be thoughtfully designed cables, a sku piece from generic wire pulled off a spool and terminated with crimped connectors.

If you endeavor to experiment, just be sure you give the dielectric ample time to drain and charge, which means that quick swapping will prove nothing. Its midrange was finely textured and full, with strong image outlines.


Volcano and especially Sky are detailed cables, but not apparently so. AudioQuest argues that the phenomenon of cable break-in is actually a matter of the dielectric adapting to a charged state, and whenever the cable is not being used, it returns to its uncharged state.

After that I reinserted Volcano and went completely AudioQuest. I do this because you write us most often about full sets of cables, not just interconnects or speaker cables.

It sounded just a touch sweet. Volcano sounded very good from the beginning, and I can’t say that its sound changed over time. There are interconnects and speaker cables designed for use with specific types of electronics and speakers, those that use in-line networks, and those that connect to outboard chassis that perform all manner of functions.

Also, the cables Audioquesy receive are almost always from the same grouping in a company’s product line and often use the same materials. The magnitude of the difference is similar to that of swapping out an entire set of cables, which is to say that the sound is utterly changed. No matter — it’s a very good speaker cable, one I would be happy to use long-term.

I feel confident in proclaiming AudioQuest Sky a reference-level interconnect, one of the very best on the market, and a sure Reviewers’ Choice. AudioQuest calls its application Counter-Spiraling Earth-Feature Geometry, and it makes for a speaker cable that’s thick and somewhat stiff. Sky’s conductors are welded at amps to the interconnect’s RCA or XLR connectors, both of which are a deep blue and have the cable’s name printed on their outer casings.

Sky is AudioQuest’s top interconnect and uses silver conductors, while Volcano has a similar geometry to the top speaker cable but uses copper conductors.