ARTFUL SENTENCHS:Syntax as Style Virginia Tufte ACKNOWLEDGMENTSy thanks go, first of all, to the authors of more t. In Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style, Virginia Tufte presents — and comments on — more than a thousand excellent sentences chosen from the works of authors. Get this from a library! Artful sentences: syntax as style. [Virginia Tufte].

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Hope to get back to it someday. The vigorous active verbs, a dozen or more describing a player s on-stage p Hysical actions hnd a contrast in the closing lines that include passives a book made ofand being read to portray the comparative quiet ‘ “eading and mental awareness Carol Muske-Dukes poet, novelist. Background consciousness provides the foundation foithe second type: It dances”, froth from the ecstasy blown through the reeds.

Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style – Virginia Tufte – Google Books

The Way Things Work, The engine looked like a surly, crouching animal It is a well-written grammar guide, a book on style that embodies its subject, and a clear, descriptive analysis of the English sentence and its myriad forms. The printer Wolfe was abo questioned and revealed that three weeks alter the first printing of Hayward s book the Archbishop ol Canterbury had ordered the dedicatory epistle to Essex cut out.

This was zgood beneath my back soft as a bed, and in all its unexam- U? The book has special interest for aspiring writers, students of literature and language, and anyone who finds joy in reading and writing.


Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style – PDF Free Download

Her6 thoughtful writers, however, in o, ignored the prescriptions: You already told us in chapter eight. View on Amazon Learn more on Reading Length.

It is rich with examples — literally thousands of sentences from acclaimed and not so-acclaimed writers are examined.

I remember a teacher long ago who announced that any student paper containing a fragment automatically receiving an F, unless the student had labeled the fragment “intentional. Definately buy this one.

Lawrence Buell Only a house, quiet as snow, a spacefor myself to go, clean as paper before the poem. I would write about it. Although she begins with the simple sentence, she moves through compound, complex, and compound complex sentences quickly, describing the sentence parts and how they can be used.

Jerry Minich A Small Garden, 14. It is, simply, the effect of homes where sickness and adversity prevail instead of the topic sentence that suggests a definition will follow. Next I moved the slate.

TheJournals ofJack Kerouac, 88 an equative clause, the noun has a place in the fashioning of Two little girls arrived at the big school on the same day’ at the same hour, took each other s measure, and became best friends.

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Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style

Irene Virbila Still ahead of the curve fi, F3 ” “Below, two right-branching sentences begin with an indepcmU’ statement as the base clause. My characters adored her. Ray Bradbury, Any Friend of Trains Is a Friend of Mine, 50 link- ing arrangements can be very effect Perhaps people think A Manfor All Seasons is so great because unlike the usual movie which is aimed at twelve year-olds, this one is aimed at twelve-year-old intellectuals and idealists.


Construction as basic to meaning.

The first ‘”, contemporary sentences that also rely strongly on Jar sequence of the predicate verbs; although these verbs. It also isolated Adams: When an-ing verb appears outside virginua predicate as an adjecti – val modifier, it is simply referred to as the present participle.

He got up everybody heard e storm and made a loud speech which. Neil Cassady Collected Letters95 They came ambling and stumbling, tumbling and capering, kilting theirgownsfor leapfrog, holding one another hack, rough usage, whispering,verb-like qualities In the next verb forms where one might expect to meet.

But there was nothing visible within reach that he could handle.

Vladimir Nabokov, Pmn, Garden delights aren’t limited to the sense of sight. Kingsley Amis, LuckyJim earthquakes. Aas book is full of little clever moments like this for the astute reader, and though I read this book cover-to-cover, I’m sure I haven’t caught them all.