To ensure the right quality products, an AQL chart has to follow during inspection of apparel which varies from product to product, process to. BS is a random sample inspection method based on mathematical theory of probability. ‘AQL’ stands for ‘Acceptance Quality Limit’, and is defined as the “quality As you can see in the chart below, if you follow the AQL tables, the number of .. if there is more than one defect on a garment, how is this counted.

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He has authored 5 books in garment manufacturing technology field. Number of pieces to be selected as sample for the specific lot size of the shipment are shown. The term AQL stands for acceptable quality level or acceptance quality level.

AQL Charts for Quality Inspection

Noor Ahmed Raaz B. In the apparel industry normally single sampling is followed. Prasanta Gaments is the editor and founder of Online Clothing Study blog.

Please contact with us to serve you doing the inline inspections and others will utilize inspection services. Your email address will not be published. Acceptable Quality Level AQL refers to the maximum number of defective items that could be considered accepted during the random sampling of and inspection. It means that how many pieces will be picked up for inspection from the total offered pieces Batch. There is also no guarantee that lots with higher percentage defective will not pass on AQL inspection.


Make sure that your sides have a very good QC Manager. Dye or ink smudged along width of fabric as a result of the printing machine stopping. Caused by print rollers vhart being synchronized properly. It is very easy process. Following AQL system can be used in garments industry for final inspection.

For easy access to the AQL 2.

The fundamental principal is that manufacturers and suppliers wish to maintain control over the quality of their clothing, fabric, footwear, fashion accessories etc. Caused by bent needle forming distorted stitches. It is one of the most used terms in readymade garments industry when it comes in consideration alq quality.

Please note sample size for a specific lot size may vary depending on the sampling plan. The effectiveness and efficiency of a quality audit largely depend upon proper audit execution. Although there are many important elements of an effective quality control program, two elements are essential: To ensure the right quality products, an AQL chart has to follow during inspection of apparel which varies from product to product, process to process and even buyer to buyer.

Assurance an AQL 4. The only way to fix a problem is to find the problem.

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) in Garment Industry

What AQL is Not? Shipment will be accepted if you found 7 or less defective garments. The system is a bit complicated because the points per length vary garmente warp and filling defects.


Fabric will appear wavy or puckering when spread on cutting table. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The runner will appear as vertical line. If you get 2 or more than 2 defective garments this shipment will be failed fog. There is also a Dallas System published in the ‘s. It should be noted here that, most of the acceptance decisions of garment export order shipments are made on the basis chzrt AQL based sampling plans.

In this post, this question is answered simple way. As opposed to simply doing audits after the completion of production.

Bad press-offs usually start a new roll of fabric. Results from knitting machine continuing to run with missing end.

FULL AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) INSPECTION (LEVEL 2.5)

Iconic One Theme Powered by WordPress. There are several piece good inspection systems for measuring the quality of fabrics. The primary purpose of the in-process auditing is to identify problems as early as possible. That system assigns penalty points to each defect, depending on the length of the defect.

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Cutting Room Quality Control.