Blogging Borgmann: TCCL Chapter 23, “Focal Things and Practices” and the Character of Contemporary Life (TCCL) by Albert Borgmann. The chapter’s meditation on things and practices, with its thoughtfully selected and well-developed examples, appeals to those who might not know Borgmann’s . This article considers the question of technology and the good life. It argues for a strong thematic connection between Albert Borgmann’s thought and Japanese.

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Technology and the Good Life?

Veritas Liberabit: Focal Things and Practices

foccal When we finally come home, late and algert, greeted by a well-stocked refrigerator, a preternaturally efficient microwave, and diverting television, there is little choice when we fail to cook a good meal and summon the family to the dinner table.

In pre-technological societies, they were often done so with some mythic purpose or backstory, showing how this particular practice enacts something we all know or desire to be true cosmically, for example as in the Eucharist, a practice established to commemorate not just a specific event but the cosmic reality that event signified: Focal things include books, musical instruments, fishing tackle, good art, and the treasures of nature.

There is a purposeful, even contemplative quality to these activities as opposed to the more frenetic and multitasking spirit of our electronic activities. Reading is essentially a contemplative pursuit, which, like prayer, embodies an “active receptivity” to the world, while engaging the deeper dimensions of the intellect and soul.

Focal Things and Focal Practices

It could even be called religious, or sacred and many special traditional meals have that character explicitly. Over the last twenty-five years, for example, certain customs have been in serious decline by many families: Unless we have seen its patterns and felt its debilitating effect on our lives, it will be hard to find energy to found focal practices in opposition to it. It is a focal activity that collects our world as a convex lens does and radiates back into our world as does a concave mirror.


By using this gocal, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nice image and well described in your post. Technology and the Character of Contemporary Life: Technological eating is divided into form and function; in a festive family meal, eating once again engages us fully. The opinion of professionals in the communications world is divided. Jonathan Lipps Jonathan is a Director of Open Source at Sauce Anddleading a team of open source developers to improve the web and mobile testing ecosystem.

They might be characterized as activities that engage our better sides: It is true that it is usually easier to engage in electronic diversions.

Focal Things and Practices – Po Ve Sham – Muki Haklay’s personal blog

practicse Thus to read is to gather our past and illuminate our present. Technology’s relationship with democracy is at best an uneasy one, especially given Borgmann’s claim that our modern devices are not mere value-neutral instruments.

University of Chicago Press. Literacy, while in ongoing struggle with its more titillating competitors of the digital audio-visual realm, still remains an important means of experiencing silence, recollection and reflection. Focal practices are activities that make life meaningful. Some ideas take long time to mature into a form that you are finally happy to share them. Living in Vancouver BC, he’s an avid rock climber, yogi, musician, and writer on topics he considers vital, like the relationship of technology to what it means to be human.


Classical, Early, and Medieval Plays and Playwrights: So, what is a an thing or practice? According an Borgmann, the art of reading is an essential prqctices, fulfilling a fundamental human need: Or the burden of letter-writing —gathering our thoughts, setting them down in a way that will be remembered and cherished and perhaps passed on to our grandchildren.

How are focal practices established? This chapter examines the relationship between focal practices and focal things.

Tag: Focal Things and Practices

Apart from being the project lead of Appiumhe has worked as a programmer in tech startups for over qnd decade, but is also passionate about academic discussion. Brain scientists continue to verify this observation, underlining that how we learn is just as important as what we learn. Unfortunately running outside and homemade meals are nowadays fleeting experiences.

Thus, technology may play a greater role in determining the character of the good life than any of the founders of the liberal democratic tradition imagined. According to Borgmann, focal things and practices are the human activities that make life meaningful.

He cited that the focal thing in winemaking involves the implements used to produce wine. Social interaction is reduced and the family struggles to find activities that enable such nurturing and care for each other. The materials are our experiences as well as our aspirations… The location of the structure is somewhere in the life of our imagination, that realm of pregnant possibility that surrounds and informs our actual life.

For instance, does the average family still play board games?