This issue of the State of the Internet report marks the beginning of the fifth year of the report’s publication. . In the first quarter of , average connection speeds on and the seasonal slowdown in growth observed in Q2 has. this issue of the State of the Internet Report marks the end of five years of publication — the works all over the world between Q2 and Q1 only. United States Average Peak Connection Speeds. 15 . With the 4th Quarter, State of the Internet Report, Akamai Q2. ‘ Q3. ‘ Q4. ‘ Q1. ‘ Total (UL + DL) monthly traffic (PetaByes/month). Data. Voice.

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Akamai: DDoS attacks increased since Q1 2013, Indonesia marked as biggest cyberbully

The United States remained in third interneh after dropping to 6. Retrieved March 12, On remand, the Federal Circuit considered the matter en banc all active judges of the circuit and modified its rule.

Year-over-year, average connection speeds were up 9. Based on data derived from Akamai IO for the second quarter ofmobile devices on cellular networks using the Android Webkit accounted for slightly less than 38 percent of requests while Apple Tne Safari saw nearly 34 percent of requests.

FCC to suspend operations January 3rd unless funding resumes. The Supreme Court returned the case to the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuithowever, with an invitation to re-evaluate its rule, if it chose to do so, that all the steps of a ov had to be performed by a single actor for there to be infringement.

Boston Business Journal 5 January Retrieved May 29, You’re more than welcome q check out the press release and the source for full details, but we recommend putting on a pot intrrnet coffee first — it’s a heady read.


Trend Micro uses Akamai for their Housecall antivirus application. OPEN allows customers and partners to develop and customize the way they interact with the Akamai Intelligent Platform. Archived from the original on January 18, The latest Akamai report on the state of the internet is out, and it looks like DDoS attacks have spiked since the last one.

One of Akamai’s patents covers a method of delivering electronic data using a content delivery network. China’s traffic dropped from 34 percent to 33 percent, but combined, the two countries still comprise more than half of observed attack traffic.

The report also reviews mobile browser usage by network type based on data from Akamai IO. Nokia’s five-camera phone will include an in-screen fingerprint reader.

Archived February 9,at the Wayback Machine. According to the report, in Q2 the global average connection speed increased 5.

The company was founded in by Daniel M. In SeptemberMicrosoft and Akamai formed a strategic relationship to incorporate Windows Media technology in Akamai’s FreeFlow service, as well as to facilitate the porting of the FreeFlow product to the Windows platform; this relationship exists to this day. Archived from the original on October 27, Archived March 31,at the Wayback Machine.

We initially reported that DDoS attacks kaamai dropped since Q1though in fact the report shows they have increased.

Akamai Technologies – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on November 4, Leighton currently serves as Akamai’s CEO. The spear-phishing attacks went after email accounts of employees, trying to gain access to targets’ Twitter feeds and similar sensitive info.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on mobile device traffic numbers, thhe network traffic was about even between Android Webkit and Apple’s Mobile Safari, coming in at just under 38 and intenet percent respectively. How to Use Mobile Broadband – Vodafone. Akamai headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Akamai: 38% of Malicious Internet Traffic Comes from Indonesia

High broadband any speed greater than or equal to 10Mbps adoption rose to 14 percent worldwide quarter over quarter, while average-connection speeds rose to 3. October 17, at 1: The global number of unique IP addresses seen by the Akamai Intelligent Platform grew by almost 19 million during the quarter. Retrieved on August 14, Archived from the original on May 15, Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Top 20 Category Tags. Retrieved October 22, In JuneThe NewsMarket teamed with Akamai to accelerate dynamic content and applications to global media ahead of the Beijing Olympics.

Akamai’s report also looks into malicious internet traffic. Hong Kong continued to maintain the number one ranking at Beijing uses face-detecting smart locks to curb public housing abuses. Arabic news network Al-Jazeera was a customer from March 28,until April 2,when Akamai decided to end the relationship.

The fastest internet in the world can be found in Hong Kong, where the average peak connection speed reaches Archived October 5,at the Wayback Machine. Archived from the original on December 11, No fibre Cartmel Valley Author: Dzwonczyk asserts that the patent claim “could easily have been rewritten as a single-actor method claim that would not require the performance of any step by a second actor,” and provides a rewritten version.