Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 15 minutes per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching . The AFRS Form serves as verification of completion of the degree. To initiate the request, students must submit their Graduation Application and the. Request AF (Verification of Scheduled Graduation) from school *** Review all attachments in the TFOT guide and regularly check for updates on AFRS.

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Letter Of Recommendation 16 Item 28, K – Bullet format is mandatory. Receipt of an Article 15 requires a waiver. Disenrollment Waivers —Waiver must provide valid reasoning for disenrollment.

Fax the request to DSN: This is a common question. Use the Continuation Sheet if more space is needed.

This is another common question and the cause of a lot of frustration in the field. Rated applicants who are 29 as of the BOT board convening date are too old to apply.

Where do selectees go after BOT?

Follow the instructions on the form. Applicant Profile 12 Afrw selectees will be required to attend technical training and will be told during the tech training where their next assignment will be.


Commissioning Helper

However, specific AFSC qualifications dictate actual degree requirements. Direct all questions through that office. Ensure the commanders are aware of any waivers that may be required. An NES applicant is anyone whose primary language spoken at home as a child was not English. Some of the most common reasons for non-selection are weak writing styles and a lack of bullets on the AF IMT 56 interview.

Selections are made approximately six months in advance of the expected shipping timeframe. Thank you for your assistance.

Letters of Pending Graduation

Include derogatory information with waiver documents Article 15 actions, etc. Refer to the following website for details: The applicant must handwrite this statement. Posted by JMc at 9: To be potentially competitive, an applicant must have exceptional strengths in work experience, leadership, and communications skills, along with other leadership traits.

Board members do not consider these factors. The counselor should brief this rule to the applicant during the first interview. The applicant will need a second set of original transcripts to hand-carry to BOT, so two should be ordered from each school.


Commissioning Helper

Only use this for Items 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, and The test may only be taken twice a 6-month interval is required between tests without a waiver. Section IV – Indorsing Official: Applicant needs to address concerns on IMT 56, Item Code should remain valid for 12 months. Item 27 – Commanders must initial statement, indicating a status check of the member they must verify status and brief both married and single members.

List any previous applications for commissioning programs even if not selected. Additional flight hours will increase the applicant’s PCSM score.

Use hard-hitting bullets that tell a story and quantify or stratify if possible i. Age waivers are not authorized for nonrated applicants who are over the age of The applicant must surrender monetary costs associated with the services provided by the credentialing agency.

Section I, Page 2: