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The three sets of books, easily identifiable by the colours on their covers, are as follows: If the current is allowed to increase up to a critical value at C the device will enter second breakdown. In this case the point P on Fig.

These readings were recorded every 20[xs dstasheet the complete cycle of xs. The devices are encapsulated in TO envelopes with all leads insulated from the case.

Similar curves ax162 alternative extrusions could also be plotted in section III using the heatsink manufacturer’s data relating Rth n-a and power, and length. I to minimise the variation of input admittance and output conductance with gain control.

Book 1 blue Semiconductor devices and integrated circuits Book 2 orange Valves and tubes Book 3 green Passive components, materials, and assemblies. Since the average overload power is less than the quiescent power the first cycle of overload will define the Tj — T m b max. The temperature of the envelope. Oms curve, and an actual duty cycle of 0. Peak value of the total emitter current. The leads above this point should be clamped during any lead bending operations.


A second subscript may be used to identify the circuit configuration. Omm 36 mmho 3. The speach and music value is the output which will be obtained when peaks occur in low level passages. The BC is primarily intended for use in driver stages of audio amplifiers and in signal processing circuits of television receivers. This recommendation applies to a transistor mounted flush on a board having punched-through holes, or spaced at least 1.

It must however be understood that no guarantee can be given here regarding the availability of the various devices or that their specifications may not be changed before the next edition is published. With reverse bias on the base, second breakdown datashfet always preceded by first- breakdown. A — detection diode, high speed diode, mixer diode. A — germanium B — silicon C — compound materials such as gallium arsenide D — compound materials such as indium antimonide R — compound materials such as cadmium sulphide The second letter indicates the general function of the device: Todetermine thevalueof this higher temperature, calculate the power at the new working point and its percentage datasheett the maximum permissible power at the same duty cycle and pulse width as read from the add162 constant power line.

(PDF) AD Datasheet PDF Download – Transistor

Continue this light pressure until both the ‘A’ locks of the rear two leads are inside the holes Fig. Temperature Fig 3 The temperature may be ambient, case or mounting base temperatures. A general relationship for the approximate second harmonic distortion, d 2genera- ted by current gain mismatch, is given by the expression: Unless otherwise stated, the con- tinuous value is implied.


In many applications, however, the reverse-bias breakdown characteristics are also of importance. The letter X is used as a third subscript to denote measurements taken under specified circuit conditions.

TO-1 AC 9A m. A rating system is a set of principles upon which ratings are established and which determines their interpretation. These curves will be used in dztasheet examples that follow. Collector to emitter voltage ratings Vce max The maximum permissible instantaneous voltage between collector and emitter terminals.

The 30D and 40D are shown in outline in Fig. Amplifier Modules Type No.

AD162 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Primarily intended for use in mains operated audio amplifiers with class ‘B’ output stages. V All dimensions in mm Collector connected to envelope Accessories available: Rectifier Diodes and Thyristors The group of figures indicates the rated repetitive peak reverse voltage, Datwsheet, or the rated repetitive peak off-state voltage, Vdrm, whichever value is lower, in volts for each type.

Definition of TjT mbT case. Short time excursions are allowed outside the permissible area provided that: The case temperature during soldering must not at anytime exceed the maximum storage temperature. Explanation of Handbook Data 1. The normal polarity version stud cathode has no special final letter. The BC is suitable for low voltage applications e.