747-400 FCOM PDF

Is the only FCOM the book manual on the PMDG website? I have been told by a fellow simmer that my insufficient fuel on my FMC can be found. BOEING NORMAL PROCEDURES CHECKLIST. TAXI OUT. First Officer. Captain. ALTIMETERS (BOTH) ____ IN/hPa, ____FT. ALLOWABLE. FCOM FCTM QRH – january – june «on: November 10, , PM». Hello my dears, Here i attach part manuals.

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Pilot braking Action Reports Pilot braking action reports that are based on reliable assessment procedures and that use the proper terminology are potentially valuable supplements to other runway condition information. It is common for a jet airplane tire to carry loads as heavy fdom 60, pounds while operating at ground speeds up to miles per hour.

Cosmic Radiations by Airbus This Airbus document deals with cosmic radiations coping with myths and realities of cosmic radiation. The engines in all events have recovered to normal thrust response quickly.

Polar Air Boeing 747-400 FCOM QRH Manual

Unruly Passengers Unruly passenger behavior continues to be one of the biggest issues facing airlines and the severity of the problem continues to increase. Stall Review and Recovery Procedures This very interesting document makes the operational community aware of the review of the traditional methods of “Stall” and “Approach to Stall” recovery techniques Stop and No Go Decision A high speed rejected takeoff during the takeoff roll.

If you cruise flight level is wrong, then again, it may report insuf fuel. Surviving Cabin Decompression The immediate donning of oxygen masks by the flight crew is the essential first step after an airplane loses cabin pressure at a high altitude. This Boeing document explains the hidden side of the wet runway concept Airbus explains this whole incredible and dramatic story.

Slippery Runways This article reviews the principles of tire traction, landing techniques and the use of fcpm, speedbrakes and reverse thrust to stop the airplane during landing These events typically have occurred in conditions that appear benign to pilots, including an absence of airframe icing and only light turbulence. Pilots of regional airlines, however, typically fly more total approaches, more ”black hole” approaches, and more approaches to runways without vertical guidance.


Performance Margins When an aircraft is 747-4000 in accordance with certification and operational fdom, there are some inherent margins included in the calculated takeoff and landing performance.

Although the case study provides only a singular FZRA event with one aircraft type, it is clear that classical FZRA can pose a significant in-flight icing hazard, and should not be ignored when considering Supercooled Large Drop issues.

Situational Awareness This article 747-4000 a definition of situational awareness. Communicate Positively with your Passengers Using good communication skills with your passengers can vastly improve satisfaction, and may even put anxious fliers at ease.

This preliminary report is intended to provide clarification of areas of concern. Unreliable Speed Recall of the last procedure enhancements. Training recommendations and strategy. There are important issues to consider 747-400 a decision must be made to land overweight, burn off fuel, or jettison fuel when possible.

This Boeing document is a very well done brochure. Avoiding Tailstrikes by Boeing Boeing makes here a human factors approach to preventing Tail Strikes. The studies provide fleetwide information so that operators can take steps to reduce SBO events.

Speaking Up Voluntary safey reports by flight attendants prove to be more valuable than expected. High Stakes in language Proficiency In an effort to reduce accidents involving communication deficiencies, ICAO is requiring pilots, controllers and aeronautical station operators involved in international operations to be tested for their ability to speak and understand English.

One effort has led to the creation of a toolkit containing industry data and recommendations for use by airlines worldwide. Reducing Runway Landing Overruns Working with industry, Boeing is implementing a combination of procedural improvements, flight vcom knowledge, and flight deck enhancements to mitigate runway overrun excursions during landing.

And the environment in which sleep takes place can make a large difference, for good or bad. In anticipation of summer, flight crews brush up on an assortment of operating concerns, but often ignored is how the human body performs in our thermal environment.

The aim of this Airbus Flight Operations Briefing Note is, 74-400, to review the STOP or GO decision-making process, and the associated operational and prevention strategies to be applied, tcom order to limit the risks of taking inappropriate actions and unsafe decisions. All have been shown to have occurred during flight near convective weather mostly at high altitude.


Clearly adverse weather can pose a threat to the safe and comfortable completion of a flight, thus it needs to be detected and avoided in a timely manner. Rudder and Loads This Airbus technical memo has been published short time after the crash of an American Airline A on takeoff from New-York Taxiing aircraft with engines stopped The idea to taxi aircraft without the main engine thrust is not recent.

It provides detailed information about how to operate aircraft tires to achieve optimum service. Normal Check Lists This briefing provides an overview of the scope and use of normal checklists, and the factors and conditions that may affect the normal flow and completion of normal checklists.

In casual discussion or routine business situations, the results of such miscommunication can range from amusement to expensive errors. This is an exhaustive brochure. All ways and means to achieve this goal have to be rationally envisaged, safety being of course the prime factor in any airline operation.

FCOM – PMDG (Legacy Versions) – The AVSIM Community

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Flight attendants and servicing staff have suffered injuries as a result of falls fco, these openings. Aircraft Landing Rcom data takes account of the deceleration issues in scheduling the Landing Distance Required LDRand the Aircraft Limitations specified in the AFM can be expected to impose a reduced maximum crosswind limitation.

A pilot may consider making an overweight landing when a situation arises that requires the airplane to return to the takeoff airport or divert to another airport soon after takeoff.