5054 DX100 PDF

The RCIDX is an all mode, 10/25 Watt 6 Meter transceiver from Ranger Communications. Hey guys, just picked up the dx from Copper and it’s quite the nice unit! I do have one issue on the SSB. I do get my watts but I. [IMG]$ End Date: Sunday Mar PST Buy It Now for only: $ Buy It Now | Add to watch list Continue reading.

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I was able to reach everyone I could hear with just a dipole working 7 states in an hour and got good 0554 on the audio. So I just said the heck with it and kept it even though it has this intermediate problem.

The packaging was great and the radio was ready to power up and go. This watt version has a cooling fan mounted underneath cx100 radio which is a great feature. It still does this. This 6 meter mobile radio has retained the popular operating features of its predecessors, including programmable repeater offset allowing splits of up to 2 Mhz, with Tx high or low and capabilities for a CTCSS tone option — great for increasing repeater d1x00 on 6 meters — plus receiver scanning for quick search of active frequencies.

Before you buy, make sure you get a later model so you dz100 won’t have the backlight problem. The company was real great in their followup. I have a 3 element homebrew beam at KE0VH, and the radio’s only downer that I have seen is there is no filtering of strong adjacent signals.

Then the new radio failed so they called it back and replaced the strip and the module it plugs into. I asked if they could just send me a new model but ds100 declined. New to Ham Radio?

Next was the low output. Current Draw at full power. There are only two things that I think Ranger could do to make the radio better. The internal noise is very low. To see a large close up view, click here: These low pass filter coils looked so perfect all turns close spaced I said to myself “they forgot to adjust the low pass filters for best match”. Trying out the RCIDX I had to look at the picture of it on the operating manual to tell what 50544 I was pressing and what it did because the buttons that are on a rubber like strip were installed upside down AND Backwards.


Ranger RCIDX 6 Meter W Ham Radio – Palco Electronics

Other than that It is a good performer for the cost. Well, about 2 days after receiving the radio the blue LED panel light went out. Turning the RF gain down cured the problem but if you are listening to several stations and some are strong others weak like I do you are continually adjusting the RF 5504.

I heard 50554 the parts division was sold to a third party. You can see a picture of my Ranger in my shack on the left hand side rack at www.

Email us at sales rangerusa. I am really impressed with the company and ordered directly from Ranger-USA. After researching for a couple of months ,and reading reviews dx1100 many different 6-meter radios.

I did not contact them about a service manual since they had not replied to my email before. For the first six months the backlight went out three times. At first glance, the radio looked like a export CB radio to me. Also a very easy to use menu also.

A tone board would be nice, but for what I fx100, mostly simplex SSB on voice, it is not extremely necessary.

So I then took the RCIDX apart removed the front panel and found it very easy to turn the button strip right side up and reversed it end to end so the buttons now read their functions properly. One is available from Ranger, but you have to manually change the tones on the board via dip-switches. Since that time I have not had another problem with it and it scans all the memories in it daily.

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It has blue backlit LED keep reading display with big easy to see numbers. The backlighting design is poor overall. I also really like the front panel adjustable RF power out knob. The warranty ex100 was NOT broken when I bought it, so nobody has been inside to cause this.

First I have to say that this one super performing 6 meter all mode tranceiver with plenty of power. The backlighting goes out due to a faulty inverter. Also checking on 5045 Anritsu spectrum analyzer for clean output.

The construction of this radio is horrible. I had just setup my 6m station and explained that I did not want to go through the hassle of having to pack it back up and ship it off and be without a 6m rig for that long. This unit offers three methods of frequency selection, non-volatile memory to store and scan up to ten favorite frequencies, and front panel frequency selector lockout. They said they had a whole batch of bad ones from a supplier but this one should be fine.

I adjusted both using a Bird 43 wattmeter and Bird watt dummy load on the output. I have also made many contacts mostly over the western half of the country and Canada because of my location. My first impression was that it would make a great base rig, which I had planned on using it for. I have the internal CTCSS module since we have a repeater nearby with a tone and since I only use it for a base there is no need to change tones, but if it is necessary, it is very simple to do once you remove the bottom case and have the binary code reference.

Contact the site with comments or questions. The rig I obtained came with a white on blue display, which really looks great!