Farsight Enclaves: Tau Empire Supplement on *FREE* Warhammer 40, Tau Farsight Enclaves Sourcebook 2nd Edition. out of 5 stars 4. GW, Games Workshop, Citadel, White Dwarf, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,, the ‘Aquila’ Double-headed Eagle logo, Warhammer Age of . unleashing it upon the tabletop battlefields of the Warhammer 40, universe. will find the history of the Farsight Enclaves, from O’Shovah’s first conflicts to.

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Shas’O Vior’la Shovah Kais Mont’yralso known as Commander Farsight or “Da Redd Committ” to Orks, who, like all Tauhas the longest name in the freaking world it’s actually even longer; his earlier names, like Shoh, are rarely used now that he has his honorary titlesis the closest thing farwight Tau have to frasight stone-cold badass.

He is one of the few beings in existence whom Orks fear. He is also a clone of the Gundam character Char. Farsight most resembles some sort of hybrid of Char Aznable Red Battlesuit, separatist philosophies, arch-rivalry with a White Battlesuited ace pilot Oda Nobunaga Ruthlesss pragmatism, scorched earth tactics, close range firearms tacticsHojo Tokimune Rallying the troops against an unstoppable horde of barbarians and Kambei Shimada Get it?

From the beginning, Farsight was a fiercely independent thinker farsigjt tactical genius who managed to get three years ahead of his fellow pupils with nothing but determination and planning; in fact, he was such a bright spark he ended up embarrassing his instructors, which led to a lot of them getting replaced.

Though this led to some bad bloodFarsight moved supplemennt it, becoming a famed commander in his own right. However, Supplemetn personal gut instincts and a desire for close, aggressive combat put 40kk at odds with the Empire’s battle doctrine. Farsight sucked it up and continued on as best he could, and finally was promoted to a battlesuit piloting role that he took to with gusto. Back during the halcyon days of the major conquests of the Tau Empirethe majority of the army’s victories could be attributed to a single commander: Puretide was a legendary genius who wrote the book on Fire Caste tactics, and shaped the military for years to come.

Puretide’s many pupils were all famous warriors in their own right, and Puretide himself was so valuable that before he died of old age, the Earth Caste actually scanned his brain and encoded portions of his brilliance into what they called Puretide engram neurochips in order to help train future commanders.

After studying with Papa Puretide himself, Farsight was made the leader of a massive Tau fleet and farsitht out to do the Empire’s bidding. In his first deployment as mission commander, he performed amazingly, trouncing the Orks singlehandedly with skill and cunning. As he fought, the young Tau realized farzight aggressive, up-close combat was the key to defeating the Orks, and as a result became more comfortable with the idea of close quarters combat.

Though he was unhappily reassigned to another battle zone before defeating the Orks completely, Farsight met with the Ethereal Aun’Shioff of whom he modeled a style of close-combat battlesuit fighting which he applied for years afterwards.

Farsight’s next big deployment was at Dal’yth during the Damocles Crusade. A branch of the Imperium’s forces had launched a steamroller attack on the sept world, knocking over colonies, shelling planets and smashing fleets to get there. Though the attack was clumsy, the sheer grit and numbers of the Imperial Guard meant that the Tau were suppkement on the back foot, and only Farsight and Shadowsun’s combined tactics managed to hold Dal’yth together.

During this battle Farsight became aware of the unsettling power of human psyker and warp technology as well supplenent their supplemetn fanaticism, and began to recognize an element of the faesight in his own doctrines. In addition, some of his fellow commanders were implanted with Puretide engram neurochips by the Ethereals to make them as tactically capable as Puretide; however, Farsight found this horrifying when it turned his soldiers into robots with no will of their own and made them completely useless when psykers supplment involved since Puretide had never encountered them.

Finally, after a long and bloody war, the Imperium of Man had to pull out when the Tyranid Hive Fleet Behemoth reared its grotesque head in the Eastern Fringe and headed straight for Ultramar.

Farsight Enclaves

While the rest of the Tau Empire was celebrating, Farsight was the only one who noticed that supplemrnt Imperium would have won the war of attrition, and wondered if something else had cause them to pull out. After the war, Farsight discovered to his additional alarm that when the engram chips were removed, they left the commanders brain-dead.

You can probably see where this is going. However, the neurochip business was not enough for the Ethereals, who decided that some of Puretide’s students should be cryogenically frozen so that they could be useful far beyond their meager lifespans.

Farsight Enclaves – A Codex: Tau Empire Supplement – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Puretide’s three top pupils Farsight, Shadowsun and Kaisall aggressive commanders with a bitter rivalry between them, were chosen for this. It was decided that the three would work in decades-long rotations, with one awake and two asleep at all times, kind of like the three vampire lords in Underworld were supposed to preside over the coven in turns.

Of the three, Farsight was chosen to remain active first while Shadowsun and Kais were frozen to be brought back into service in the future, making him, for a time, the sole military hero of the Empire. After the Damocles Crusade, Farsight was tasked with rebuilding a series of lost colonies that had been overrun by Chaos forces. So Farsight set out with another huge fleet and a trio of Ethereals to repair the damage and take back planets.


He set up a series of worlds that would become known as the Farsight Enclaves.

Farsight’s BACK – New Codex Enclaves REVIEWED – Bell of Lost Souls

Along the way he was attacked by Space Marines, who he managed to defeat by climbing in a Coldstar suit, and at the direction of a Daemon-possessed Water Caste member, flew towards and boarded the Space Marine ship yes, only one with the intention of disabling their Gellar Fields. Luckily the Space Marines forgot to farsigt their farsiyht for no reason and Farsight was able to accomplish his mission, but gets briefly knocked out in farzight so and has a few visions of the future.

Luckily he’s still able to come to and leave when the ship begins getting overrun with Daemons, as for some reason the ship never fully left the warp when it began its attack suppldment the Tau. We also learn the Tau have drones the size of thumbs that are powerful enough to vaporize large daemons in a single shot don’t think about it too much, they never show up again. On the way back to the Tau he’s attacked by a Heldrake and is nearly killed, only to be saved by the Imperials fleeing their doomed ship as they blow it up in a way that doesn’t destroy the suit it’s ripping apart.

From there he decides it’s best to just never speak of ‘those weird xenos’ that showed up out of nowhere and vanished into smoke just as quickly, good thing not warning anyone else about this sort of thing never comes back to bite anyone in the ass later.

Against such overwhelming odds, the Tau Orks never stood a fucking chance. Farsight proceeded to enact what could only be described as Ork genocide, the likes of which would make Yarrick proud. This must be the reason why Orks fear him, since this prompted them to scatter and run away. Though they were running scared away from the Enclaves, Farsight refused to let them escape alive, and set about hunting down the remaining Orks which conflicted with the Ethereals’ primary objective of capturing more worlds and created tension between them and Farsight.

During this drawn-out campaign against the Orks, Farsight and his Ethereal advisors ended up on the dead planet of Arthas Moloch, where a swarm of daemons was summoned after blood was spilled on a strange altar. In this costly battle Farsight discovered an ancient farsivht called the Dawn Blade, as well as statues bearing medallions that supplemrnt repelled entities of Chaos. Farsight used these to shut the warp portal.

During the fight, however, the daemons singled out farsignt killed his Ethereals, but not before they revealed to Farsight that they had known about the ancient evil of Chaos, farskght lied to the Tau public about its existence for the sake of the Greater Goodfarssight of like what the Emperor did in the Great Crusade.

This is similar to the Empra’s plan although it is equally if not more stupid, since the Tau are able to be possessed by Daemons and do not have the ability to detect this possession themselves.

The existence of daemons, though, could negate a lot of their highly secular teachings. After the events on Arthas Moloch, Farsight understood the terrifying menace of the Immaterium and Chaos, which to him explained a great deal of what he had seen during his exploits.

As he continued to ponder, it became obvious to the Commander that the T’au Empire’s leadership was not benignor at the 440k least woefully ignorant or in denial regarding the true perils of the galaxy. The Farsight Enclaves thereafter severed their ties with the T’au Empire and began to govern themselves. Farsight quietly left his battlesuit in a museum and went to be a hermit, fearing that a second Mon’tau would occur if what he learned ever reached the Empire.

The Dawn Blade is made of chronophagic Greek for “time eating” alloys, so whenever Farsight kills something with it his life is extended as the blade steals the life force of its victim and adds it to the wielder’s. Considering he killed farsighht lot of Orks who are biologically immortal and daemons who are truly immortal fagsight it, it’s safe to say Shovah is practically immortal right now. Farsight does not farsught this, but he has his 4k, and if he were to find out that his suspicions are correct he would most likely kill himself upon realizing that he’s been unwittingly sucking the life out of supplekent enemies.

He also found multiple six sided medallions with anti-Warp properties in the same place he found the Dawn Blade. Trazyn probably lost some of his collection or something.

But seriously, based on its age and eldritch abilities, the Dawn Blade is most likely a C’tan artifact or leftover technology of the Old Ones. The Tau Empire, having lost contact with the Farsight Enclaves, believed Farsight himself to be long dead and the Enclaves lost.

One day, though, supllement probe discovered that the Enclaves were still there and flourishing, and had changed their sept markings and become Ethereal-free. Learning this, the Tau Empire branded Farsight a traitor and renamed the Enclaves the “Forbidden Zone”, smashing all his statues throughout the Empire and trying to wipe him from public memory.


This didn’t sit well with everyone, especially members of the Fire Caste, and contacts within the Empire soon began secretly supplying the Enclaves with new weapons and hardware. Over a hundred years later, the Enclaves came under threat from farsitht Tyranid splinter fleet. Unsure of what to do, the leadership of the Enclaves suddenly got a message from a museum where an aged Farsight had suddenly shown up out of nowhere to demand his old battlesuit be removed from its display case and returned to him.

Donning his armor once again, the Commander took over the defense, and thanks to some smart Earth Caste bio-engineering, managed to hold off the Great Devourer long enough to poison the fleet Yeah, spuplement, leave it to the Tau fagsight poison a fleet that literally lives on toxins farsoght ended up destroying it in its entirety, making the Tau better at creating viruses than Nurgle’s daemons as they tried and were unable to do this.

Meanwhile ShadowsunFarsight’s old rival, was awakened from her cryogenic stasis in the Empire and sent back to farsighf, and Farsight assembled a new team of elite battlesuit pilots, The Eight, to defend the Enclaves and stand opposed to the mysterious power the Ethereals held over their brethren.

At some point in the early 42nd Millennium, Farsight made a journey back to Arthas Moloch alone. He stays there for 30 days before returning to the Empire to summon a war council. Farsight’s band of battlesuit aces.

Think Seven Samuraiexcept with mecha and one more samurai. The Eight consist of:. If your foe can come close enough to negate your striking power, all stratagem is lost, and when all stratagem is lost, the battle is lost. If those in our heartland had witnessed the savageries of the void as have we, they would know this. The hand of each of the great starfarers is turned against the other; none will join their strength together just to see their ancient enemies prosper.

I am changed, an outcast now While popular fluff-wise even among non-Tau players for his badassery and generally cool backstory, Commander Farsight wasn’t actually all that useful on the tabletop at first because he came with a shit ton of limitations, like no auxilaries, tanks or Pathfinders and so on, and his massive bodyguard blob was too expensive and risky.

The limitations got removed as of the 6th edition codex, however, and Farsight can now even bring Ethereals with him even though fluff-wise Aun’Shi is the only Ethereal he’d associate with. On top of that, Farsight, along with his retinue of samurai—uh, I mean battlesuit aces, is now a beatstick. He can bring a unit of seven NINE It’s 7th ed Shas’la non-scattering bodyguards with him and give them all meltas, plasma rifles and target locks to allow the squad to fire at several tanks with meltas or blast the enemy MEQs and TEQs on turn 2.

Moreover, Farsight can now be taken in a game of any size. Although with 7th ed he isn’t needed for a massive blob of mechas to rain from the sky, he merely provides the means of entry, and beacons can do the same already. Farsight is one of very few Tau units who you actually want to be in an assault as opposed to shooting. So few everyone else will be hard pressed to keep up with him.

His Tau-standard plasma rifle and BS5 are merely supplements meant to soften the enemy up before he charges in or, rather, jetpacks in to get to slicing and dicing with the Dawnblade, which is pretty easy with WS5, S5, I5 and 4 attacks. He’s also pretty durable; basically a Space Marine captain with an extra wound: Surprisingly, despite having a sword that eats souls and adds their would-be lifespan to Farsight’s, he doesn’t have eternal warrior, leading to him getting his face smashed in by anything with Str 8.

He’s not meant to be a one-man or one-Tau badassery show, though; have him work together effectively with his elite battlesuit brethren for best results. Surprisingly, Farsight himself is rarely taken in Enclaves armies, mostly because his giant Crysis deathstar really benefits from the standard Tau relics systems. Welcome to the future!

With the latest codex a Farsight Enclave army can actually take the standard Tau systems together with their own! Here’s the Tactics page. He’s also still a beast in melee, although he’s not much good against larger targets – his sword may be AP-4, but he’s only got 5 Strength to swing it with.

Limitations on Commanders, no ethereals, and lack of units that can keep up with Farsight drag his sept down in comparison to others though. No one said going your own way was easy. Coldstar Commanders with Fusion Blades in melee with him can wreck some serious havok against characters and vehicles. Rerollable 1’s to wound with an Y’vahra and Breacher Teams are nothing to sneeze at, and a stratagem that actually makes Crisis Suits accurate with or without markerlights really helps you get the most mileage out of them.

Sure you have to play them as a high risk high reward Deep Strike heavy army that likes to get up close and personal Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: Retrieved from ” https: