Whenever we come across some good investment crowdfunding industry statistics we’ll add them to this page for easy reference. The Crowdfunding Industry Report is based on two sources of data. The Crowdfunding Industry Survey, conducted in conducted by Crowdsourcing LLC’s . This report sets a new standard for comprehensive, reality-based assessment of the crowdfunding industry, based on data gathered from funding platforms.

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In addition to providing a practical, quantitative understanding of crowdfunding today and a high level synthesis of how its recent innovations will play out in the future, this report includes insights and forecasts on the outlook for crowdfunding and trends that can only come out of detailed research. An Overview of Crowdfunding Models in the U. Introduction Foreword – Global Crowdfunding: We recap the debacle and suggest what lessons Kickstarter should and should not draw in the aftermath of the campaign.

This clear and concise report will guide you to the choices for building the platform you want, whether it is for donations, rewards, lending, equity, or royalty; whether it is a new site, an addition to an existing one, or a single campaign; whether you do it yourself or hire a provider. Crowdfunding has taken off inand is continuing its rapid rise in Amid a backdrop of unpleasant regulatory rulings against sharing economy companies like Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft, mayors of several major U.


Crowdsourcing as Part of a State Policy. More Stories Enterprise Crowdsourcing: It looks at the concentration of funding worldwide and by major markets — how much funding volume is concentrated towards the top 5 and top 10 CFPs in the top regions?

2013CF Crowdfunding Industry Report

Statista, The Statistics Portal. Analysis is provided by model, region and crowdfunding category.

The answer comes in numerous smaller savings that only the crowdsourcing model allows. Calculating the Cost Savings.

Crowdfunding Industry Statistics –

Check out repotr thoughts on Statista, a company that can help campaign owners visualize data around their crowdfunding initiatives. Comprehensive, reality-based assessment of the crowdfunding industry, based on data gathered for 1, funding platforms worldwide and analysis from massolution’s industry-leading brain trust.

It analyzes and reports on the number and distribution of CFPs by region and model.

Learn who is crowdfunding what, where, how, and when — and what will happen next! Crowdfunding Tip of the Week: See year-over-year changes and growth rates from throughlearn about average campaign size by model and see which crowdfunding categories perform the best.


It is a definitive guide to crowddfunding crowdfunding software and solutions providers. Crowdfunding for Real Estate has emerged as one of the hottest crowdfunding categories. The two reports are based on the CF Crowdfunding Industry Report, which was widely acclaimed and cited in prestigious publications. Qty Add to Cart. Rose Spinelli, a crowdfunding consultant who runs The Crowdfundamentals, writes in with her second Tip of the Week, a series exclusive to Crowdsourcing.